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It can be difficult when one partner smokes cigarettes and the other doesn’t. Giving up the weed is good for your health, as we all know, but going cold turkey can make people irritable and put pressure on relationships. If you don’t want your better half wandering around like a bear with a sore head when they try to give up smoking, they weaning them onto an e-cigarette is the next best option.

And it works!


If you have a partner who wants you to quit smoking, there is always that underlying pressure to comply. Unfortunately, this also adds to the stress of giving up and can make things more difficult. Viewed from the other side, if you’re partner has tried to quit smoking and failed, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Those who don’t smoke generally fail to realise how difficult it is, especially if they have never partaken of the dreaded weed in their life.

Of course, it’s understandable if you don’t smoke that you’d prefer your partner not to do it either. There’s the smell for a start, not to mention the potential damage it is doing to the health of someone you love and care about. Being supportive is one thing, but failure is sometimes due to the partner who smokes not really, deep down, wanting to give up.


Over the years there have been a range of treatments to help us quit smoking, including patches, sprays and even gum. The problem most smokers have with all these is that the replacement of nicotine isn’t the main issue.

Nicotine is a quick acting drug and is out of our systems fairly quickly. With smoking there are a whole raft of habits and signals from the smell of the smoke, the actual comfort received from lighting up, the time of day, and the security of having a packet of cigarettes in your pocket that have a psychological hold on us. Most of the old style smoking replacements depend on depriving regular smokers of their comfort blanket. That’s usually why they don’t work.


It might seem odd, but vaping works because it keeps most of those comfort signals in place, particularly the act of being able to blow out a large cloud of beautiful smoke. If you want a way to stop your partner smoking real cigarettes, getting them to vape is therefore a good solution with a high chance of success.

They are less likely to suffer the withdrawals and irritability that can quickly see them giving in and going back to the weed. From your point of view, as a loving partner, you also get to live in a cleaner environment and will be secure in the knowledge that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife are not drawing all that carcinogenic smoke into their lungs.

E-Cigarettes are much less damaging to the health than real ones. Organisations like Cancer Research say that they are a good solution for people who find it too difficult to stop smoking. Yes, your partner may well just swap smoking for vaping and still not give up completely, but they will be a lot healthier. Their fitness will improve and they won’t wake up in the morning coughing up their lungs because they are full of tar.