5 Reasons Vaping Should Be Encouraged 8th January 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised – Tags: , , ,

On the subject of vaping there are those that are fierce advocates, those that say it is just another way of being addicted, and those who simply don’t give a damn. It’s always a little bemusing when people start saying that vaping is a problem when nearly 3 million in the UK have taken it up and aren’t buying more carcinogenic, costly and downright nasty real cigarettes.

There are plenty of reasons why the humble e-cig is a brilliant innovation.


Most smokers, whether they like to admit it or not, feel guilty when they light up that next cigarette. Not only are you damaging your health and going against your family’s best advice who want you to give up, you’re really just setting light to money, for nothing more exciting than a mouthful of tar and nicotine. Changing to vaping means that smokers can enjoy a hit without those accompanying guilt feelings – you doing it clean and you’re not stinking the place out in the process.


Smell is something that most confirmed smokers don’t think about much. Basically, when you start smoking you begin to lose control of your senses which means you don’t notice the smell on your clothes, ingrained in your furniture, hanging in the air, or invading other people’s personal space. When a non-smoker wrinkles up their nose when you light up, it’s not because they have some mental health problem, it’s because you are causing a big stink. Switching to vaping gets rid of all these problems in an instant.


Vaping is a helluva of a lot cheaper than actual smoking. Buying a packet of twenty every day can cost you around £60 a week. That’s over £3,000 a year. The average vaper costs you £30 and you may spend another £40 a month on liquids and replacement coils. That’s a yearly total of around £500. That has to be applauded, doesn’t it? Switching to vaping, you could be saving yourself almost £2,500 a year.


If vaping is better for your health and decreasing your chances of getting something like lung cancer or heart disease then you’re saving the NHS money, right? Research in 2009 suggested that smoking costs the NHS around £5 billion a year. Public health organisations have already said that e-cigarettes should be available on prescription to help our current generation to quit.


A better, healthier world is something we all want. E-cigs may seem like small potatoes in respect of everything else that is happening on the global stage but giving more people the chance to live healthier, longer and happier lives is undoubtedly a good thing. It’s estimated that well over 6 trillion cigarettes are smoked each year, many of which are just thrown on the ground or stubbed out in public spaces, not to mention the amount of harmful smoke they produce as a collective. If we all vaped that would be a massive reduction in the amount of garbage we humans leave lying around clogging up the planet.