Becoming a Vaper: A Personal Story 8th January 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised – Tags: , , ,

According the Guardian recently there are nearly 2.6 million of us in the UK using e-cigarettes rather than choking up our lungs with harmful tars and other by-products of real cigarettes. With so many more people opting for the safer route of vaping, it’s all the more surprising that EU legislation is being developed to curb the burgeoning vaping industry. There’s no doubt that it needs to be regulated and the right measures can help to drive vaping forward so that it is safe for everyone. The wrong kind of regulation, however, can damage people’s hope of giving up and push up the costs.

I started using an e-cigarette about two years ago. Having tried everything else to give up and suffered interminable withdrawal pangs that saw me wondering streets staring lovingly at discarded fag ends in the gutter, I was not that confident vaping was going to be the solution to my particular needs. I’d smoked since the age of 18 when I first started going to pubs and a friend of mine offered me one of his cigarettes.

Of course, I suffered from all the things that most smokers take for granted – being short of breath, coughing up my guts in the morning, permanently craving a drag on one of my cancer sticks when I should have been concentrating on something else. I’d tried Allen Carr’s book, hypnosis, cold turkey, patches, gum, spray and that strange nicotine stick without much success. The longest I’d ever been able to give up was 4 months before a drunken night out in London scuppered that.

So I came to vaping with a fair degree of cynicism. When I went for a drink with a friend one Christmas I met a lady who was using an e-cigarette. I didn’t particularly believe her when she said it was actually working but she let me have a try of hers and it did indeed taste like a cigarette. I thought I’d give it a go. I’m firmly convinced that one of the major factors in vaping is the ability to blow out a big cloud of smoke. For me it produces an instant calming effect.

There were no withdrawal symptoms. For those of you who haven’t tried vaping yet, that may be a little unbelievable. I have not, since the day that I started using e-cigarettes felt any desire to go into a shop and buy a packet of real cigarettes. Two years on, I’m still vaping so I’m not totally convinced that it is the perfect solution to giving up smoking. It is, however, a damn sight healthier. Within four or five weeks of going onto e-cigarettes I was no longer coughing and spluttering when I got out of bed in the morning and I felt a lot healthier. My wallet was also in a much healthier state – more so now that we have better vaping devices that cost a fraction of a packet of cigarettes.

While I haven’t been able to stop the habit completely, I have diverted it to somewhere safer for my body and better for future health. I won’t be going back to ‘proper’ cigarettes and sometime in the future I may even wean myself off the vaper. In the meantime, it’s a win-win situation and one that many people are beginning to see the benefits of.