Can E-Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking? 23rd July 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: , ,

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking will know just how painful the process can be. There’s the shakes, headaches, nausea, irritability, difficult concentrating on anything and even overeating in a vain attempt to fill the hole left by cigarettes. But as millions of ex smokers will tell you, it is doable, but not without a little support every now and then.

There are a whole host of tools people use to help them get through withdrawal and quit smoking for good. There are patches, gum, inhalers, smokers groups and just good old-fashioned will power. More recently however there has also been an influx of people using e-cigarettes as a way of transitioning to a safer way to smoke, wean them off it and eventually kick the habit completely. But do they actually work?

It Makes Quitting Simple & Easy

Using an e-cigarette is as simple (if not simpler) than smoking an electronic cigarette. Just load up your cartridge and press the button, and you’re vaping away! Once you’re comfortable with using it, you can start to drop down a nicotine level with your cartridge. This change won’t go unnoticed, and it might seem a little daunting, but think of it like switching brands of cigarettes. There’s no right time to do this, it’s all about when you feel ready to drop down a level. If it takes you a few months to get used to a new level before you drop down again, then so be it! When you get down to fairly low levels, you will know when to drop down to the lowest. A lot of people start leaving their e-cigarettes at home, suddenly finding they aren’t so reliant on it. When you’re on lower levels, the trick is to start leaving it at home so that you can get through that long car journey or that stressful day at work without it. This might sound hard right now, but when you get there is will be easier than you think. Soon enough you will find your dependence on it gone, and be welcomed into the world of non-smokers.

Reduced Nicotine Cartridges

As well as offering a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoke, e-cigarette cartridges are available in many different types. There are flavoured or scented cartridges, but also reduced or nicotine free cartridges designed to aid in the quitting process. By starting with a full dose of nicotine, you can gradually lower the amount you are inhaling without reducing the number of times you smoke. You can do this in such small increments that your body adjusts to the lower levels of nicotine in a gentler way than just going cold turkey. On top of that, a lot of smokers report that finding something to do with their hands is one of the most difficult parts of quitting, but with nicotine free cigarettes you can occupy your hands during those tough moments too.

Better Results Than Willpower Alone

Research suggests that among those who try to quit smoking using e-cigarettes, 21% stopped altogether, while a further 23% easily cut their nicotine consumption in half. Those results are quite staggering when compared to smokers using willpower alone to quit smoking, only 3-5% of which stayed smoke free. Multiple studies have been done on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for quitting smoking, and each has shown positive results for their use. With the correct guidance and appropriate practical use, they can be one of the most helpful tools to quit smoking there is.

So there you have it – while not proven to e more effective than patches or gum, electronic cigarettes have been proven to be a highly effective way to quit smoking for good, far more than willpower alone. To start your journey towards a healthier life, pick up your electronic cigarettes from our store today.