Choosing the Right Vape Liquid for Your E-Cigarette 10th February 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised – Tags: , , ,

Choosing the right vape liquid is important if you want to move from normal cigarettes to e-cigs. It’s not just about the quality of the vaping device. You have to like what you’re smoking, right?

The good news is there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding a vape liquid that suits your taste buds and your personality. You may want to draw on a fruity flavour or you might just need a pretty close ciggie substitute. Playing around with a different vape liquid now and again can also give you a chance to think about giving up completely.


You want to get enough of a hit when you choose a vape liquid and make sure you get enough nicotine running through your blood. This is important when you decide to move from normal cigarettes and take on a vape device full time. Vape liquid strengths generally come in low, medium and high depending on the brand. You can also get liquids that have no nicotine content at all.

Low vape liquid: nicotine content 6 mg/ml

Medium vape liquid: nicotine content 12 mg/ml

High vape liquid: nicotine content 18 mg/ml


There are literally loads of vape liquid flavours out there. If you fancy the straight taste of tobacco, want a cherry treat or simply love that menthol flavour there’s something for you. Changing to a non-tobacco vape liquid flavour can be the next step to quitting for good.

The fact that most people opt for a cigarette taste the first time is not surprising. It gives you the most chance of switching full time to an e-cigarette and there’s always plenty of time to try other flavours at a later date. When you want to experiment a bit more, you’ll find it can be quite interesting to switch to a grape or juicy peach flavour. Some people experiment and switch back to tobacco, others are happy to puff on vape liquid that tastes a little fruitier.


Switching between vape liquid flavours causes one problem. You will get a little bit of contamination and it’s worth cleaning out your tank or clearomizer as best you can to get the old flavour out. After a couple of refills however you will find the flavour you are currently using will be more dominant.

Some people have a variety of vape liquid flavours to suit their mood and you can now buy mix and match packs of four or five bottles, each with a different taste. As with most things, choosing the right vape liquid for your e-cigarette is all a matter of taste. You may just want a normal cigarette substitute but opting for a different flavour is worth a try if you want to introduce a little variation into your vape liquid mix.