Clearomizer, Cartomizer And Atomizer – Electronic Cigarette Differences? Part 3 of 3 23rd July 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , ,

Welcome back to the final instalment of our 3 part series on Clearomizers, Cartomizers and Atomizers. In this entry we will be wrapping up our discussion by looking back at each method and looking at what works best. Often you will find it boils down to personal preference, but there are a few things that set each of these methods apart that might just help you decide and understand electronic cigarette differences.


Pros of a Clearomizer:

As we explained earlier, a clearomizer is a large clear tank that can help beginners learn the limitations of vaping. This large capacity means that you can have more e-liquid in your e-cigarette at any onetime, leading to longer vaping sessions. Another major advantage of clearomizers over the basic e-cig setup is that they allow you to see exactly how much e-liquid is left in the tank, letting you avoid that nasty burning, bitter smell and taste when you vape without liquid. Clearomizers generally give each e-cig a longer lifecycle, and when they wear out they can be rebuilt with new coils fairly easily.  There are some who claim that using a clearomizer actually improves the flavour of the e-liquid, but this isn’t proven yet.

Cons of a Clearomizer:

The main drawback of a clearomizer is that they are usually much more expensive than an atomizer or cartomizer attachment. They also have the capability of retaining the flavour from previous e-liquids, which isn’t an issue if you smoke the same flavour all the time, but can be annoying if you want to change to a new one. The design of most cartomizers might require you to tip it to absorb the last dregs of liquid, making it awkward to hold, and designs by some manufacturers have been known to leak.


Pros of a Cartomizer:

A cartomizer is a nice middle ground in terms of liquid volume. It can hold more than an atomizer, but less than a clearomizer, making it good for light to medium users of electronic cigarettes. They are a low cost product that is available in single or multi use, and are easy to refill and rebuild if necessary.

Cons of a Cartomizer:

Cartomizers are not often found on modern e-cigarettes, as they have been replaced by more superior technologies. They are often unsuitable for heavy vaping, having been known to overheat. The poly-fill material used to act as a filter has been known to dilute the flavour of e-liquids almost to the point of tastelessness, and the poly-fill can often retain flavours from previous e-liquids, muddling the flavours even more.


Pros of an Atomizer:

An atomizer is perfect to use if you want to use the dripping method (see part 2 of this series for more information on the dripping method). The basic idea of this is that you are able to switch between flavours very quickly and taste them with more intensity, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who likes variety in their vaping. They are also an incredibly simple design that comes in as very cheap, and are usually very easy to use.

Cons of an Atomizer:

While the ability to change your vaping flavours at the drop of a hat might be fantastic for some, if you vape a lot it can quickly become tiresome. You find yourself constantly having to refill an atomizer, and risk that burnt, bitter taste that comes from vaping with no liquid, as there is no way to track how much e-liquid is left inside. As an added feature, some models of atomizer are rebuildable, which can sometimes be useful, but this requires an enormous amount of skill and practice.

So there you have it. Each method of vaping comes with its own advantages and drawbacks, so mostly the issue comes down to preference. There are certainly some that say any beginner in the world of vaping should invest in a clearomizer, as it gets you used to how much you can vape in a session and even increases flavour, but beyond that, go wild!