Do E-cigarettes ‘Help smoker to Quit’? 23rd July 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: ,

A recent study has shown that smokers who use e-cigarettes, like the ones sold on our website, to help quit smoking are more likely to succeed than those who use willpower alone or buy nicotine replacement therapies, such as patched or gun.

A study of nearly 6,000 smokers found a fifth had quit with the aid of e-cigarettes. The study suggests that you have a 60% higher chance of quitting then those who did not use the device.

The use of e-cigarettes has significantly risen in the last 4 year. In 2010 only 8% of smoker have tried them and now its 50%.

E-cigarettes are currently not available on the NHS, but the drugs regulator the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is looking to licence them as medicines from 2016. This points towards products towards the right direction, showing that they are significantly more risk free then tobacco smoking.

So has Viper helped you quit smoking traditional cigarettes?

Source: BBC News