Do Electronic Cigarettes Encourage Smoking? 2nd March 2016 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , ,

A lot of us confirmed smokers are now switching to electronic cigarettes as vaping technology gets better. While many buy their new vaping device with a view to giving up completely, others have used it as an opportunity to move into the vaping lifestyle. They simply switch one form of smoking for another.

But do electronic cigarettes actually encourage more smoking?


The benefits of changing are plain to see:

First of all, you don’t get all that stuff that real cigarettes provide. E-cigs have just nicotine and a glycerine liquid that, when heated up, causes a smoke-like vapour.

Secondly, it’s a lot cheaper than normal cigarettes. A real packet costs around £7 for 20 a day while electronic cigarettes, once the main device has been purchased, could cost just that much for a whole week.

Electronic cigarettes mean that your lungs aren’t clogged up with nasty carcinogens and you quickly get rid of that tell-tale smoker’s cough.

No nasty smoke smells on your clothes, furniture or when you are standing around vaping.


There is some anecdotal evidence that many of those who switch to electronic cigarettes actually use them more than they would a normal stick of the old weed. That could be because you can comfortably smoke them indoors and they are much cheaper than normal cigarettes. It could also mean people want to smoke but don’t want the accompanying health hazards. There’s no doubt that, as electronic cigarettes have become better, people like to smoke them more.

That doesn’t mean that electronic cigarettes haven’t helped people give up completely. With better health and clearer lungs, a good number of vapers have moved first from cigarette flavoured e-liquids to other ones and then quit completely.

There are always going to be those who prefer to keep their vaping lifestyle going. This is seen on social media where groups and videos have become quite prevalent.


There is some worry, especially concerning the young, that vaping can influence on non-smokers to take up the habit. Kids can purchase these things online and many believe it could be a precursor to starting smoking for real. There have been some news articles in recent times that electronic cigarettes are now more popular than proper ones amongst school kids. The jury is still out as restrictions on children having opportunity to buy real cigarettes have been tightened. There have subsequently been calls for vaping and electronic cigarettes to banned in public places.

Other research has found that only a small percentage of children are regular users of electronic cigarettes and over 90% have not even tried one of these devices at all.

At the end of the day, the benefits of switching far outweigh any potential or perceived negatives. Confirmed smokers may well turn to vaping and not have any interest in giving up at all. Electronic cigarettes are still a healthier option, cost less and they are much better for people compared to real cigarettes.