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Electronic Cigarette – The ViperCig Way

VIPER CIG is an exciting electronic cigarette brand set up in 2012, with one simple aim – to help you vape BETTER – we call it ‘The VIPER way’. Based in the UK, we are a small and humble team of e cig enthusiasts that have worked tirelessly to create the UK’s best tasting and most reliable electronic cigarette.

We offer many distinct flavours for you to enjoy, coupled with cutting edge design and superior build quality to ensure unwavering smoke quality, great consistent flavour and ultimate satisfaction with every puff. We carry tried and trusted brands like Aspire, Truvape, Kangertech, Vison and Starbuzz.

Smoking an electronic cigarette is not only better for your health (vs traditional cigarettes) but you will also save up to 70% of the amount you would usually spend on traditional cigarettes. You can smoke them in your home, in your car, in your office and when you are socialising. Best of all there is none of the  smell, mess and stigma that comes with smoking traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarette Industry

The electronic cigarette industry has been steadily growing over the past several years and you can choose to vape in a variety of wonderful ways. A few years ago, no one had heard of e cig shops or vaping. It wasn’t a pastime that people enjoyed in large numbers or much cared about. Smoking electronic cigarettes was a fairly low key practice too. Products were being sold in places like petrol stations and usually at a price that was in line with a pack of normal cigarettes. You could end up with an electronic cigarette that failed to do its job properly.

With the development of better vaping kits that give a cleaner and more satisfying hit, the industry has grown massively; particularly so over the last 18 months. Electronic cigarettes are much less damaging to the health than real ones. Organisations like Cancer Research say that they are a good solution for people who find it too difficult to stop smoking. Public Health England has also released a report praising the E Cig.

Electronic cigarette replacement products

There have been a number of electronic cigarette replacement products on the market over the years. These include nicotine gum, patches, various self-help books and hypnosis downloads that smokers have tried. The trouble is that for most of us smoking is an ingrained habit that we have picked up over the years. Often from our teenage years. Giving up has always been about tomorrow, convincing yourself that you can quit any time or telling everyone you simply like smoking.

Getting over those terrible cravings has always been the big problem for any smoker. The electronic cigarette has certainly been a game changer in recent years. Ever since the e cig came onto the market, many smokers have been swapping and finding it easy to quit the real weed. The reason electronic cigarettes have found success is that they mimic the important aspects of smoking, particularly the ability to blow out a sizeable cloud. It looks like smoke and it feels like smoke. Quite often this is the singular factor that those who smoke an e cig cite provides the all-important calming effect. The other thing they need is for that replacement to taste like a cigarette. While there are a number of different flavours available, by far the most popular are those that resemble the proper taste of a normal cigarette.

According to Professor Lynn Kozlowski at the Addiction Research Foundation in Canada:

“We don’t need clinical trials to know that a large rock falling on a person is much more dangerous than a small rock falling on someone. Compared to cigarettes, reduced risks of e cigs are obvious. The number and level of toxins are much lower in e cigs. It is easy to be less dangerous than fire-causing, carcinogenic, smoke-generating cigarettes.”

We carry a full range of products to suit every user. From start up beginner kits , to single use kits , to the new and exciting range of shisha products.

We at VIPER are committed to changing the way people smoke forever. Join us today and be part of the electronic cigarette revolution!