Everything You Need To Know About Travelling With Your E-Cigarette 5th August 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , ,

Imagine you have just arrived in your new holiday destination. It’s warm and sunny, and you have been cooped up on a plane for a long time. You leave the airport, stretch your legs and take out your e-cigarette to help you relax. You take one glorious puff before a heavy hand falls on your shoulder, and you turn to find an angry policeman shoving a £200 fine into your hand. Not a great start to a holiday, is it? Because the rules and regulations, not to mention the attitudes towards vaping differ so wildly from country to country, it’s important to know the law before you travel, or you could risk fines, confiscation of all vaping paraphernalia or (in some cases) even imprisonment. So we’ve put together this short guide to help you navigate the marshes of travelling with your e-cigarette.


As you would pack before you go away, you should also prepare your e-cigarette for travel through airports and into other countries. For starters, you should disconnect and remove any batteries from clearomizers and cartridges you are taking with you, turn off any manual batteries and remove any rechargeable battery units. You should also make sure you have a good supply of e-liquid to last your holiday, as there is no guarantee you will be able to buy e-liquid in the country you’re visiting. Even if you can, you can never be sure foreign manufacturers have the same standards for manufacture as we do in the UK, so it’s best to be safe!

E-Cigarettes In Airports

 To be honest, with vaping in airports it often depends on the airports own regulations. Some airports are very open – Heathrow has it’s own vaping lounge for users to enjoy, and you can use e-cigarettes in the airport itself, as long as you aren’t beyond the gateway. In some airports, you will be asked to use the smoking area by default, and in some you will be asked to use it outdoors only. It’s always worth checking the regulations of the airports you are travelling between, as each one is different.


E-Cigarettes On Planes 

Trying to use an e-cigarette on a plane will make you very unpopular very quickly, so you can pretty much forget it as an option and make sure you get your fill at the airport. Only 1 airline is known to allow vaping on their planes, and even then you have to use their own, smokeless cigarettes that are rumoured to be pretty bad. In most, you will be fined and if you are unlucky it will be much worse. Qatar Airways has been known to arrest people and throw them in jail for using e-cigarettes on their planes. As a side note, while e-cigarettes won’t usually set of smoke alarms (for example, those in airplane toilets) they have been known to, and in all cases it’s just not worth the risk.


Legal Vaping Destinations

Unfortunately, e-cigarettes have been banned in a lot of countries (Qatar, Dubai, Mexico, Brazil and Brunei to name a few). In some countries, like China and Japan, the e-liquids themselves are an illegal substance to own. America allows e-cigarettes for personal use, but their use is strictly regulated, so make sure you check before you vape. In certain countries like Thailand and Taiwan, importing them is illegal, but using them is not. For a full list of legal and illegal vaping destinations, check this article.


Attitudes Towards Vaping

It’s important to remember that while vaping is a socially acceptable alternative to smoking in the UK, it might not be as well known where you are going, so you might be seen as an oddity. Some countries also have a lower standard of reporting than the UK, which may affect those countries attitudes towards vaping (for example, Qatar’s newspapers once announced that e-cigarettes deliver 100x more nicotine than tobacco cigarettes!). In some countries, people might get quite excited, in others they might get angry or simply be confused. Be patient and make sure you are armed with all the facts.