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E-cigarettes are wonderful devices that can be used to kick your old habits and form healthier ones.

Getting Longer Life for your E-Cigarettes And Enjoying Them More

If you have bought an E-Cigarette, you surely want to know about how you can make it more efficient. As time goes on, it starts acting up and it gives less vapor. You find the need to refill more often. The first thing to cross you mind usually is to ditch the old vaporizer and buy a new one. There is one other thing you can do – go to an E-Cigarette forum online and see how to make it work again.

Here are a few tips that are commonly given by experienced users on forums. They should help you extend your device’s life.


There is an old advice about batteries that says you should allow it to deplete fully before recharging it. It is not true anymore. Today’s batteries that come with your E-Cigarette are very efficient. They don’t need the full cycle to extend their life. Recharge them when they are sufficiently low and they will be good. They are designed to work that way.

Now, if you use the E-Cigarette is until there is zero charge, it might even reduce its life and make it more inefficient. You see, when the charge is very low, the atomizer does not draw enough power and works very inefficiently. Over time it can become damaged sooner than you would like it.


Any E-Cigarette forum has a good post on cleaning the device. This is the single best thing you can do to your vaporizer to extend its life. Depending on which model you have picked up, cleaning it should be an easy to moderately difficult job. Basic cleaning is easy, but deep cleaning takes some time and expertise.

As time goes on, residue from the e liquid accumulates on the atomizer. The whole surface is therefore not available to your new e liquid. It takes more energy to turn it into vapor and you get less from every charge. If you clean the atomizer once a month with tissue paper or alcohol, it should keep it healthy.

Another place where cleaning is necessary is the battery contacts. Depending on how you use the device, dust and other external particles can accumulate on them. Rub it with alcohol and it should be find. You can find more advanced maintenance tips on a popular E-Cigarette forum. In conclusion, making your E-Cigarette last longer takes only a little bit of effort, but the payoff is big.