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A few Do’s and Dont’s for Electronic Cigarettes as a whole:

Do’s and Dont’s
Green Tick Do enjoy your Vaping device in places which allow the use of Vaping. Respect the general public when Vaping, and don’t blow vapour in their face!
Red-Cross Don’t use another USB charging cable with your battery. They are not all the same, even if they look the same. Only use the USB Charger provided with the battery you have purchased to charge that battery. If not, there is a risk of fire as voltages change for different batteries.
Red-Cross Don’t ingest E-Liquid, as it is poisonous in large quantities. If you e-cigarette is leaking, make sure you wipe all the components inside and out before attempting to use it again.
Green Tick Do regularly clean your e-cigarette to make sure it performs well and ensures longevity.
Green Tick Do feel free to ask us any questions you have!