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What is the Aspire Clearomizer range?

Aspire is a leading manufacturer of clearomisers, and using a patented coil technology, these products offer a 50% increase in flavour and vape over the Viper Clearomizer range.


How do I fill the clearomizer?

Refilling a clearomizer is a simple process. To fill, hold the clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base unit. Fill e-liquid down the sides of the sidewall, AVOIDING the central hole. If you are using a clearomizer for the first time, or you have just replaced the atomizer coil, wait around 3 minutes after putting the clearomizer back together before Vaping to allow the e-liquid to enter the atomizer coil.

It is important to note that the atomizer coil should be tight and can loosen over time so it is good practice to check the atomizer coil is tight.


Can I just replace the Clearomizer in a kit?

Yes absolutely, for example, if you buy an E-Go XL kit and feel like you want a different clearomizer, you can upgrade to the Aspire Range or vice versa without changing the battery.


How do I know when I need to replace the Atomizer Coil?

Atomizer coils need to be replaced over time. The amount of time is dependent on the user, but we recommend you change the Atomizer Coil every 4 weeks.

However, if the vape tastes burnt or does not taste as good as it first did, that is a sign the Atomizer Coil needs changing.


How do I change the Atomizer Coil?

First, identify the Atomizer Coil. It is the part which, when you open the clearomizer, is on the other side of the tank where you are filling liquid.

Another way of identifying the Atomizer Coil is the part which sits at the bottom of the inhalation tube (where the vapour comes out).

Changing the coil is simple, unscrew the old one and throw it away, and screw in a new one!


What coil do I need? And what is a BVC coil and a BDC Coil?

Identifying the coil you need is important when ordering. There are two different types of coils:

Viper Bottom Coils – Single coil, used with Viper 1.5ml E-Go Clearomizers.

Aspire Coils – These fit all Aspire Products but have two variations:

Aspire BDC Coils – Bottom Dual Coil – uses 2 coils sitting horizontally.

Aspire BVC Coils – Bottom Vertical Coil – uses one large vertical coil, and is newer technology.

You can use any of the BVC or BDC coils with the Aspire product range, it is down to individual taste as to which you prefer.


What is CE4, CE5, ET & E-GO?

These are industry standard terms which generally translate to:

CE4 Clearomizer – a 1.5ml – 1.8ml capacity Clearomizer

CE5 Clearomizer – a 1.8ml – 2.0ml capacity Clearomizer

ET Clearomizer – An Aspire term for a 3.0ml Capacity Clearomizer

E-Go Kit – generally defined as a liquid kit, but also refers to the screw type on the battery which identifies that clearomisers can fit on it.