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Liquid Kits – Ego Kits & Tanks

A range of products used by regular vapers, who want flexibility by changing components to enhance the experience.


Is this range for me?

1.     Best Vaping technology.
2.     Cost effective, a 10ml bottle of liquid – lasts for up to 200 cigarettes.
3.     Changeable batteries/liquids/heating coils.
4.     Large capacity battery – 650Mah.
5.     Various different kits to get you started, depending on your use.
The components in this range:


Battery – A large rechargeable battery, which is used to power the clearomiser.
Clearomizer – Refillable liquid chamber, containing a heating coil.
Atomizer coil/Heating Coil – used to heat the e-liquid and product vapour, interchangeable.
USB Charger – to charge the battery.
Liquid Kits Range:

As a rule, the user experience of using a liquid kit is dictated by the quality and components within the Clearomizer. We have three different kits, the only difference being the Clearomizer in each kit.

E-Go XL Refillable Kit – Includes a Viper rechargeable battery, a Viper 2.0ml Clearomiser and a USB charger. This is the ideal kit for someone who wants to try a basic liquid kit, and does not want to spend too much money. Contains a changeable atomizer coil within the clearomizer.

Aspire E-Go CE5 Kit – Includes a Viper rechargeable battery, an Aspire 1.8ml Clearomizer and a USB charger. This kit is an upgrade from the E-Go XL kit, simply because of the Clearomizer component. The Atomizer coil can be replaced with BDC or BVC coils

Aspire E-Go ET Kit – The same as the CE5 Kit but with an Aspire 3.0ml Clearomizer.


Nicotine Information
E-Liquid Refills
Available in 1.8%/ml, 1.2%/ml and 0.6%/ml.
Sourced in the UK and hand picked flavours for the best Vaping experience.
Nicotine FREE
E-Liquid Refills
Contain no nicotine 0%/ml, and available in lots of flavours.
Q. What Strength E-Liquid do I need?


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