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If your liquid kit is leaking, there are usually a few reasons as to why:


  1. The Atomizer coil is loose – retighten the atomizer coil.
  2. The Atomizer coil is clogged – replace atomizer coil.
  3. The thread on the screw has not met the receiving side properly. Check for cracking, very common. – Replace clearomizer.
  4. Bubbling from when I inhale – Turn the e-cigarette upside down and fire the battery up a few times. This will clear any liquid inside the tube. If you need to further this step, get a piece of tissue, twist it into a thin circle and push it into the inhalation tube. Check for liquid in the screw base of the battery and the base of clearomizer and clear this also.


If none of the above methods work, please get in touch with us.