Online Vape Shops: How E-Cigarettes are Boosting Business 16th May 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised – Tags: , ,

A few years ago, no one had heard of online vape shops or vaping. It wasn’t a pastime that people enjoyed in large numbers or much cared about. Smoking e-cigarettes was a fairly low key practice too, with products being sold in places like petrol stations and usually at a price that was in line with a pack of normal cigarettes. Products were adequate, but nothing special, and often you could end up with a dud e-cigarette that failed to do its job properly.

With the development of better vaping kits that give a cleaner and more satisfying hit, the industry has begun to grow, particularly over the last 18 months. It is ideally suited to budding entrepreneurs who can source good quality products from all over the world and provide what consumers really want. The rise of online vape shops is no accident and it’s providing jobs and financial opportunities for a wide range of business owners.


Your average online vape shops have also grown hand in hand with local stores that have appeared on our highstreets. Newsagents are selling them, dedicated e-cigarette stores are opening up and we now all have easy access to the tools that can help us give up smoking.

While the first online vape shops had little or no competition, the increasing number of stores opening on the internet has been good for the industry. It’s no longer just enough to supply any old e-cigarette and liquid and hope to make a profit. Vapers across the UK are becoming much more savvy and know what they are looking for – an excellent quality product that comes at a sensible price. It’s easy to surf and look at a range of different online vape shops and their e-cigs before they actually buy a product.

The online vape shops that are succeeding nowadays are the ones that have a range of products and bring a good deal more to the party that catches the attention of potential consumers. They have high quality websites and appealing images as well as special offers and all the accessories you could want.


Many online vape shops do most of their business via websites but also operate a real store somewhere in a town or city. With the number of people switching from harmful cigarettes to e-cigs growing by the day, it makes sense to have a local presence where people can go and handle the goods and check out different vaping technologies. It also gives consumers the chance to ask the store owner directly about the best options.

The good news is that online vape shops are set to thrive for a good deal longer. With plenty of choice out there, consumers need to be sure they are picking a quality product. That’s why at Viper we always go that little bit further to make sure our customers get everything they need, from high tech vapers to all those accessories like coils and spare batteries, to all the right advice.