How Safe are E-Cigarettes? 23rd July 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: ,

Over the last 2 years e-cigarettes have been quickly growing in popularity as an alternative to smoking, or as an aid to quit smoking altogether. But while the have been well received by the public, there has been a lot of concern recently over how safe the devices and the chemicals they use are. So in order to set your mind at rest, we did some digging and found some interesting studies on the effect of smoking on your body and health, compared to the effects of vaping. Let us learn how safe are e-cigarettes.

How Smoking Effects Your Body

When most people think of the negative effects of smoking, they usually think of nicotine addiction first. When you smoke, you burn small quantities of tobacco in order to release a dose of highly addictive nicotine into your system very quickly. While the addiction to nicotine (used as an insecticide in the past) can be harmful, it’s actually not the main problem when it comes to smoking. Instead, it is the cocktail of around 4000 other toxic chemicals into your bloodstream that cause the real damage.

When you smoke you are inhaling, among other things, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an incredibly harmful chemical that has been scientifically linked to heart disease, and is commonly combined with acrolein in cigarettes; a chemical commonly associated with cancer and lung problems. These are just some of the nasty things that can be found in every single cigarette, and it is these chemicals that cause thickened blood and narrowed arteries leading to circulation problems, heightened risk of strokes and heart attacks, issues with your stomach muscles and reflux and can even effect your fertility.

How Vaping Effects Your Body

When compared to traditional smoking, vaping offers some significant advantages. Using an e-cigarette will still give the nicotine dose of a normal cigarette, making it a viable and preferable alternative to smoking for many. However the e-cigarette does not contain all of the harmful chemicals and side effects that go with traditional tobacco smoking. Indeed, scientific research shows that candidates who smoked e-cigarettes showed significantly lower levels of carbon monoxide, acrolein and other harmful chemicals that often lead to illness. These results have been confirmed with both large and small groups over shot and long time periods, making it the ideal way to manage a nicotine addiction without exposing yourself to any more risk.

There are still some unknowns when it comes to e-cigarettes. Unfortunately the research lags behind the technology, and now that the concept of virtually hazard free smoking has taken the world by storm the science is starting to look into the benefits. There are still some concerns about the long term exposure to the chemicals within e-cigarettes, but the removal of the first and second and damage that cigarette smoke can cause has so far yielded significant results. Overall, the general consensus is that, while the availability of a non toxic source of nicotine may encourage people to take up a smoking habit and undo decades of hard work, the negative is greatly outweighed by the positive – that e-cigarettes provide a healthier way to support smokers with a nicotine addiction. One which doesn’t harm themselves or those around them, and could actually be a gateway to helping them quit altogether.