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With plenty of choice on the market nowadays, finding the best e-cigarette requires a good amount of research and thought. If you want a vape device that is built to last and delivers a good cloud and a significant hit, then take a look at our guide below:


In the early days we had models that looked and were the same size as normal cigarettes. The best e-cigarette designs are now a lot bulkier, with metal casings and a substantial weight. These are the ones to choose if you want something that is cost effective and lasts a good while. And because they’re not too small you have less chance of losing them down the back of the sofa.


The strength often depends on the type e-liquid that you choose but also the quality of the electronic cigarette. The best e-cigarette gives you a good hit and if you choose one with a tank you are more likely to get exactly what you need.


Again, the quality of the cloud you produce when you draw on the best e-cigarette on the planet is pretty important for vapers. It’s one of the key relaxing elements of any e-cig and, once more, the bigger, robust models tend to deliver more.


Most electronic cigarettes are reasonably quick to charge and last a long while. If you want to buy a vaper at your local garage then fine, but once you become a convert you should be looking for something a little longer lasting. The best e-cigarette devices on the market have a pretty long battery life and each charge should last several hours.


You should be able to pick up the best e-cigarette kits for around £30 and the main part of this should last for a good deal of time. If you are buying a tank with replaceable coils, you can expect to pay around two to three quid for each replacement which should last a couple of weeks. The only other cost on top of this is your e-liquid which is usually available under a fiver. These can last between a couple of days to a week depending on how much you smoke.


Talk to any dedicated vape enthusiast and they’ll tell you that the key to great smoking with an e-cig is to have a tank where you replace the coil. All in one clearomizers are more convenient and often easier to fill but they do tend to last a little less long. It all comes down to personal preference. Many vapers start off with simpler kits and then progress onto the more robust ones. The best e-cigarette brands usually have a tank and replaceable coils.

When trying to find the best e-cigarette, our advice is this:

Only buy from reputable suppliers including those online.

Check out any reviews online, though be aware some of these can be misleading.

If you are just starting out, then go for an all in one electronic cigarette to see if it’s for you.

Choosing the right electronic cigarette can make sure you are able to wean yourself off the old weed, live a healthier life and save a good bit of money into the bargain.