New e-shisha swarms the market 23rd May 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , ,

A new product, spinning off from electronic cigarettes is emerging in the UK markets and its popularity is sky rocketing. Much like electronic cigarettes, and using the same technology, experts in the industry have created a no nicotine version, which has been suitably named E-Shisha, behind the traditional shisha pipe.

The E-Shisha works by using a battery to vaporise liquid flavourings into the body of the user when inhaled, realising plumes of vapour.

The device, dubbed the e-shisha pen as it vaguely resembles a traditional writing pen is usually disposable and can be purchased in a variety of flavours. The advantages are that it can be used indoors, and contains no tobacco or tar. There is no odour, as the smoke seen is actually water vapour.

With a  typical e shisha pen costing around the £10 mark, and lasting up to 500 puffs, thousands of customers are flocking to try this product for themselves.

The e-shisha has appeared in the news as the craze continues to grow, and is used by many celebrities around the world, some may say even a fashion statement.