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Aspire CE5 E-Go Bundle

Aspire CE5 Refillable E-Cigarette Bundle ,


  • Aspire CE5 Clearomiser offers 50% increase in vapour production and flavour over traditional clearomisers.
  • BVC Coil Technology
  • 1.8 ml E-liquid capacity
  • Kit includes Viper 650 mAh battery & USB Charger
  • Choose from Stainless or Clear finish for the Ce5 Clearomiser.

E-Go CompatibleViper-Prod_510_compatibleViper-ego_5_Click_OnOff copyViper-ego-cartomizer-1-8ml_Capacity


Aspire CE5 Clearomizer Steel

Aspire BVC CE5 Clearomizer


  • 1.8ml Tank capacity
  • BVC Technology coils
  • Robust and strong build
  • Changeable Atomizer coils/heads

E-Go CompatibleViper-Prod_510_compatibleViper-ego-cartomizer-1-8ml_Capacity

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Viper E-Go 650mAh Battery

Viper E-GO Rechargeable Battery 650mAh


  • 650 mAh capacity
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 5 button on/off button
  • Sleek Black Design

E-Go CompatibleViper-Prod_510_compatibleViper-ego_5_Click_OnOff copy

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Viper Ego Charger

Viper E-Go USB Charger


  • Compatible with only certain batteries (check below)
  • Robust build and design
  • Charge in any USB port


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With a unique bottom heating replaceable atomizer coil, this product is long lasting and robust. You can purchase additional atomizer coils which we recommend you change your every 3-4 weeks to maintain optimum performance.
Refill your Aspire CE5 Cartomizer with Viper E-liquid or any e-liquid available on the market.
Perfect for advanced users who want different flavours and a smoother vaping experience.

How to Use:

Simply hold the clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base unit. Whilst holding the tank upside down, fill with E-Liquid (needle bottle or syringe is ideal) into the side of the unit avoiding the middle hole. Then gently screw the base unit back on. Wait for 2 minutes for the liquid to seap into the atomizer and its ready to vape.


  • Large 1.8ml E-Liquid capacity chamber
  • Huge Capacity 650 mAh Battery
  • Refillable with any e-liquid
  • Simple to use
  • Pocket size


1 x Aspire BVC CE5 Clearomizer

1 x Viper E-Go Battery: 650mAh

1 x USB Charger

Aspire BVC CE5 Clearomizer


Clear, Steel

Viper E-Go USB Charger


Long (28cm), Short (11.5cm)

2 reviews for Aspire CE5 Refillable E-Cigarette Bundle


The first e-cig I bought. Bought for a tour around Europe to use when working, came back a non smoker. I was a heavy roll up smoker before that. 

Simona Rydal

Have been using the e-go for 2 weeks now and i haven’t had even one problem! Tastes amazing, charges quickly and very easy to use.

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