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Viper Original E-Liquid

Viper Original E-Liquid 10ml , , , ,


  • Excellent range of flavours
  • Varying nicotine strengths
  • Use with any liquid kit
  • Use with Viper E-Shisha Head also!

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The Original range of Viper E-Liquid. smooth and refined to the upmost quality.

Note: This product has now been discontinued, hence the stock levels show what liquids are left in stock. Once they are out of stock, these products will be unavailable.


  • Can be used in any liquid kit, and the Viper E-Shisha Head.
  • Choose from many flavours with varying nicotine strengths
  • All Nicotine FREE products are 100% free from Nicotine
  • No Smell, No Tar, No Tobacco, No Coal!
  • Designed for use with Viper Electronic Shisha Heads
  • Compatible with All liquid capable electronic cigarettes


1 x 10ml bottle of E-Liquid Refill of choice

Nicotine Content

0.6% Nicotine (6mg/ml), 0% Nicotine (0mg/ml)


Apple (0mg), Apple (6mg), Banana (0mg), Banana (6mg), Blueberry (0mg), Blueberry (6mg), Caramel Toffee (0mg), Caramel Toffee (6mg), Chocolate (0mg), Fruit Mix (0mg), Grape (6mg), Kiwi Apple Strawberry (0mg), Kiwi Apple Strawberry (6mg), Lemon (0mg), Lemon (6mg), Litchi (0mg), Mango (0mg), Mango (6mg), Mint (6mg), Mocha (0mg), Mocha (6mg), Orange (0mg), Peach (0mg), Peach (6mg), Pizza (0mg), Pomegranate (0mg), Pomegranate (6mg), Red Apple (0mg), Spearmint (0mg), Spearmint (6mg), Strawberry (6mg), Tobacco (0mg), Watermelon (0mg), Watermelon (6mg)

2 reviews for Viper Original E-Liquid 10ml

Frank T

Excellent apple flavour, no burning taste, will be buying again!


So many flavours to choose from, I ended up buying about 6, traditional flavours, and 1 random Pizza flavour! Turns out that Pizza flavour once mixed isn’t as bad as it sounds!

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