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Congratulations! You have made the healthy choice and have decided to switch to e-cigarettes. This is a great step, but now there are some tricky decisions to make. Starting out on the route to electronic cigarette use is arguably the most difficult aspect of usage, as there are a number of choices and options that could leave you scratching your head. So at Viper Cigarettes we have created our beginners guide to choosing and buying your very first e-cigarette. If you have any questions you feel we have not answered, please just comment below and we will be happy to advise.

Things To Consider

Before you start surfing the web for your first e-cigarette, you need to know a little bit about your own habits. So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you smoke, and how often? This will affect how much e-liquid you buy and what capacity clearomizer you choose (don’t worry, we’ll explain that later)
  • Do you need more than one battery? Heavier use will drain the battery quicker, so you would need an extra to use while charging the main battery.
  • Do you expect to be smoking while out and about, or is this an enjoyable habit for at home? This will affect which accessories you choose.
  • How much do you want to spend on getting started? Are you dipping a toe into the water or serious about getting set up?
  • Do you need or want any accessories to help you vape on the go, like in-car chargers, charging cases or wall chargers?

Starting With The Basics

Single Use

 If you’re really not sure that e-cigarettes will be right for you, you can always start with a single use disposable unit. These are the starting point for most e-cigarette users. They are easily available, often come in multi-packs and are the cheapest way to test how you get on with them. A disposable e-cigarette is the best way to learn to vape with no mess, no hassle and no commitment to keep using them. You can find our single use e-cigarettes here, with prices starting from just £10 for 5.

The E-Cigarette Unit 

The best place for anyone to start is with a ‘starter kit’ – and most of these will give you the very basic essentials to get going. The core components of an e-cigarette are all present – rechargeable battery unit, clearomizer unit to hold and transmit the e-liquid and the battery charger. These little kits are perfect to replace essential components or to get started with your first – they can cost as little as £15 and are very easy to use.


When you first open up the e-liquids section on any e-cigarette sales page, you might be a little overwhelmed at first. To get you used to the process of changing the e-liquids and ease you into smoking e-liquids instead of tobacco, we suggest starting out with the original cartridges. Once you have gotten used to the differences between regular smoking and vaping, you can start experimenting with flavours and nicotine levels until you find what works for you. E-liquids can come in all sorts of flavours, from grape to piña colada and almost everything in between. Just take a look at our range of flavours and pick your favourite!

Tanks & Coils

Your standard e-cigarette will come with a basic tank to hold the e-liquid – usually a clearomizer. For a lot of people this is the preferred set up, as you can see when you are running low on e-liquid and avoid that burnt, bitter taste from the wick. But you can also buy cartomizers, which help filter the e-liquid through poly-fill packing, extra large tanks to hold more e-liquid and prolong vaping sessions, and even sub tanks to improve flavour and the overall vaping experience. Starting with a clearomizer will help you to understand how many puffs you can get from your standard tank, and are generally easier to clean and maintain, making them perfect for beginners. Once you are comfortable with the standard maintenance, you can start to experiment with different attachments to personalise your vaping experience.


If you think you will be vaping heavily, or taking your e-cigarette away with you for a long period of time, you may want to consider your accessories. Our personal favourite is the perfect travelling companion – the charging case, which keeps your e-cigarette safe and secure while charging the battery when not in use. You can also get coloured tanks, storage cases, modifications, on wall and in car changing units and much more. When choosing your accessories, thinking about how and when you will use your e-cigarette is very important and will help you identify the products you need.

Keep an eye out for the rest of our beginner guide series, where we will cover everything from cleaning your e-cigarette, automatic vs manual batteries, what you can expect when transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes and even how to puff to enhance your vaping experience.