The electronic cigarette revolution 23rd July 2015 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , ,

In recent months there have been many changes in the electronic cigarette market. A recent article in the Independent details an upward trend in these revolutionary devices. Bloomberg predicts sales of e-cigs will outsell traditional cigarettes by 2047. Here at ViperCig we believe the cross over will be a lot sooner.

Heathrow Airport has just opened the world’s first airport ‘vaping’ zone in the Terminal 4 international departure lounge. The real question is, should vapers be restricted to a small section of the airport, or should they be free to vape throughout the building and on planes?  As awareness of e-cigs grow between people, here at viper we believe if the product does not look like a conventional cigarette, i.e. its colour and LED light, smokers should be allowed to vape anywhere. At Viper Cig, we have invested time and thought into our product designs. Our products are all a sleek matt black colour with a cool blue LED tip, so they cannot be confused with tobacco cigarettes.

The Smokefree law has been in place since July 1st, 2007, however e-cigs are not covered as part of the regulation. The smoking ban is to protect employees and the public from harmful effects of secondhand smoke. The vapor produced from electronic devices is merely water vapor, so there have been no proven second hand smoking effects.

Happy Vaping.