Why New Year is a Good Time to Swap to E-cigarettes 8th January 2016 – Posted in: Uncategorised – Tags: , ,

If you are still smoking the dreaded weed and haven’t yet decided to become a vape enthusiast, then the New Year is as good a time as any to start. Most smokers fall into one of a few categories: those who want to quit but find it difficult, those who know smoking is bad for them but habitually avoid facing up to the issue, and those who have convinced themselves that smoking is fine (you’ve got to die of something, right?).

The good news is that research is beginning to come through to suggest that vaping is indeed a safer and much better way to get your daily fix. According Public Health England, current estimates show that the e-cigarette is 95% safer than smoking an actual cigarette. They also say that nearly half of the population in the UK don’t realise that vaping is the much better option.

One of the questions that many e-cig doubters raise concerning these kinds of product is whether they play a role in encouraging our youngsters to take up smoking. There have been a few anecdotal scare stories in the press that kids are taking up vaping in droves but the evidence doesn’t actually back this up. The Public Health England report found no real link between uptake of e-cigarettes and our youth’s desire to smoke. This is backed up by evidence in the US that previous estimates of addiction caused by vaping amongst younger smokers was much lower than the over 25s. They also found that experimentation with e-cigarettes is not such a great attraction.

There are plenty of benefits to be had from switching to a vaping lifestyle this New Year:

Smokers find it much easier to do than using other more restrictive methods such as patches and nicotine sprays or gum. Most discover that those dangerous withdrawal symptoms that lead to failure are not a factor when you vape.

It reduces the detrimental health effects of smoking considerably – most vapers find that they stop coughing so much, especially in the morning, and have a much better standard of health within just a few weeks.

It’s actually cheaper than buying cigarettes and provides the same benefits. A packet of 20 can cost you over £8 (that’s £56 a week) for branded cigarettes while an e-cig, once you have bought the device, could set you back as little as £5 to £10 a week.

It rids you of that ingrained cigarette smoke smell on your body, in your clothes and in your house. Most smokers don’t notice this smell but for others it’s only too apparent.

Vaping technology has developed quite a bit in the last few years and today’s devices are both sturdy and highly effective. Whereas a simple all in one product that was actually shaped like a cigarette didn’t last that long, the heavy duty vapers on the market now are built to last for a while, can be easily recharged and provide a strong smoking substitute as and when you need it.

So if you want to quit smoking this New Year, then maybe it’s time you invested in an e-cigarette. Like most confirmed smokers you may be surprised how easy it is to switch.